Our Inspiration

On June 6, 2005, at the age of 2, Canyon was diagnosed with Autism. It has been an incredible journey. Canyon has participated in several forms of therapy including speech, occupational, and developmental. He also attends a special school program four days a week to help him learn to communicate and socialize. Although we have seen progress, there is still a long journey ahead of us all.

Until the age of 2, Canyon was just like any other little boy. He was even ahead of the game in many areas. He was simply put - brilliant. But then the wall went up around him. He stopped talking and singing, stopped playing with others, seemed overly focused on simple tasks, and appeared to be trapped inside his own little world. Although I had suspicions, I held tight to the belief that "any day now he’ll start talking again." But the day I walked into his room and saw that he had perfectly lined up every one of his books from one wall to the other, I knew...Canyon was touched by Autism. A week later, we received the diagnosis...and our fight began.

Although much of our time is dedicated to assisting Canyon and participating in theraputic activities, we still have time to make memories. We simply have to be prepared for situations which may result from his attention span and sensory issues.

It is our belief that every cry, laugh, and prayer echoes through life. They touch the lives of our friends, neighbors, and family...drawing attention to the little successes and the little stumbles we endure along this journey. BUT ECHOES ARE POWERFUL! A single shout can cause an avalanche as it echoes through the mountains and canyons. This is the heart of our Team ~ Canyon's Echoes.

We believe that as our message continues to echo among our friends, family, and throughout the world, we will cause an avalanche and a cure will be found. Make a Donation Upcoming Events Join Our Team