Since the age of 5, Tristan has been making a difference in a very big way.

As the Assistant Team Captain of Canyonís Echoes, he is "in charge of making sure everyone has fun at the walk and knows about Autism." He takes this role very seriously and was quite a hit during Autism Awareness Month (April). He has been seen and heard promoting Autism Speaks and our team, Canyonís Echoes on:
Channel 5 - KSDK, Window on St. Louis ~ April 21, 2006
Channel 5 - KSDK, Show Me St. Louis ~ April 28, 2006
WIL 92.3 FM - Cornbread Show ~ April 28, 2006
Walk for Autism Research
Kickoff Luncheon (guest speaker) ~ August 11, 2006
Channel 5 - KSDK, Window on St. Louis ~ September 22, 2006
Channel 5 - KSDK, Window on St. Louis ~ October 6, 2006
Channel 4 - KMOV, Morning Show interview ~ October 12, 2006
Channel 11 - CW, Walk Day interview ~ October 14, 2006

As a new 3rd Grader, Tristan continues to make a difference. Tristanís little brother, Canyon, was diagnosed with Autism on June 6, 2005. Since that day, Tristan has matured and grown into a fabulous support and friend for Canyon. The two are practically inseparable. He has accepted Canyon in an incredible way, saying "thatís just the way Jesus made Canyon."

Tristan understands that Canyon can not have some foods due to their preservatives. Rather than asking if we can buy a particular snack at the store, he first asks if it will hurt Canyonís brain. At such a young age, he even knows the "dangerous" preservatives by name.

Tristan has also watched as Canyon has participated in speech, occupational, and developmental therapies. He even participated in a few of the parent training sessions offered by Judevine. Tristan has taken on the "big brother" role in a whole new way. He has learned how to help Canyon when he needs "squeezes and hugs" for sensory input.

Although Tristan appears to be wise beyond his years, he still loves to "have fun and be a kid." He simply spreads awareness along the way. Make a Donation Upcoming Events
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